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About Kenneth Marcelli and Staff

Key Points to Kenneth's Success
“Success for the investor in this industry doesn’t have much to do with luck nor does it skill. Instead, research and knowing what the odds makers want you to pick make all of the difference.” This philosophy has kept Kenneth Marcelli ahead of the pack for so long. “I ran with the pack, that’s why I’m ahead of them.” But to truly appreciate what Kenneth Marcelli embraces, you have to know Kenneth.

Kenneth's History

Born and raised on the streets of Chicago, Kenneth Marcelli was exposed to the industry at an early age. “I think I was about 14 when I picked my first game. I really didn’t know a whole lot about the teams playing but I was very interested in the oddsmakers’ every move. As it turns out I lost the game and it was probably better that I did. I worked very hard after that, researching teams, bookies, and any information that I could get my hands on really. But it was when I met a man named Frank Carnessi that things began to change for the better.”

I was working my first paying job when I met Frank. He was giving away free plays to people. I talked about an up and coming game and I told him that I was putting my entire paycheck on a Cubs game and they were the underdogs. The smile ran away from his face and he said, “Listen kid, stay as far away from putting down as much money as you can. Don’t lose more than you can afford to.” Of course I didn’t listen put my whole check on it and I lost. After informing Frank of this, he then gave me 3 solid plays that got me back up out of the hole. A few months later, while under his wing, I began to understand how to pick these games more wisely and then we began to work together. I became very accurate that football season. Frank then decided that I was good enough to give away free plays to his customers with him at his stand. We decided to start betting on our own games and soon after all of his customers and we were banking. Things got difficult however, as the local bookies soon found out about us giving out winners to so many people and the bookies were hurting. They allowed us to make our bets but would not allow us to sell our information to other players in town. We kept on doing it anyway, and needless to say they then asked us to leave. We skipped town and moved to Las Vegas to start our own capper service. This is where Kenneth shined as he quickly became the best handicapper in the country. For about 15 years we ran a local capper service there before it became too dangerous in Vegas and we moved to Costa Rica. Frank still takes interns under his wing (young pups as he calls them) and he runs Of course I, Kenneth Marcelli, run this site. To get here there were many trials, less tribulations.

Yesterday's Results
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1-1 50% 280
Last 7 Day's Results
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17-13 57% 717
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73-39-1 65% 10903
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