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Our Team

Who are we and how we work...
Our handicapping Team consists of Kenneth Marcelli, Frank Carnessi, and a few interns. Kenneth is the king around here and he pulls the trigger on most of the picks. There are occasions that he consults with his long time mentor Frank; but in most cases Kenneth believes that too many cooks spoil the broth.

The interns are an important asset around here as they do most of the numbers. They are hand-picked to carry on the legacy of the Marcelli empire; but for now, they are Kenneth's source for the research. If you are interested in Frank's picks visit, he runs this service and has a experienced team of handicappers and researchers working for him daily.

The KM Platinum Play

The KM Platinum Play is one of the highest percentage plays available by any handicapper in the world. That is why there are days with no Platinum Plays and very few days with more than three. In order to keep the percentage high, Kenneth only releases a KM Platinum Play if there is a clear and defined edge for the player over the book. You can bet , that when Kenneth releases a KM Platinum Play on this site, you will be getting the best sports handicapping value in the world today.

Please note that all Platinum Plays are updated on a 500 unit system.



Yesterday's Results
Record Percent Units
1-1 50% 280
Last 7 Day's Results
Record Percent Units
17-13 57% 717
Last 30 Day's Results
Record Percent Units
73-39-1 65% 10903
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